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CN-101248645-A: 红外线通信装置和红外线通信方法 patent, CN-101249603-A: Roll forming integrated technique of high intensity high-hardness alloy and roll forming equipment patent, CN-101249691-A: Form component forming mould patent, CN-101249876-A: Disanchor equipment and ship craft having the same patent, CN-101250068-A: 用养畜场污水生产光合细菌生物肥的方法 patent, CN-101250856-A: Echelon cradle as well as construction method thereof patent, CN-101251263-A: Power boiler low NOx combustion method and control system based on wind powder closed-loop control patent, CN-101251345-A: Electric stream type desuperheater patent, CN-101251629-A: 复合型适配器卡口座板及其生产方法 patent, CN-101253066-A: 用于控制车辆下坡驾驶的系统 patent, CN-101254061-A: Folding picture frame patent, CN-101254843-A: Instant-drinking cupped beverage product capable of bending sucker and retaining the same in packaging cup patent, CN-101254943-A: 高纯三碘化铟的制备方法 patent, CN-101256208-A: 一种电压测量显示装置 patent, CN-101256793-A: 具小尺寸电路板的光驱 patent, CN-101257372-A: Apparatus, transmission method, and computer-readable recording medium for relaying data patent, CN-101257784-A: 电子设备用的冷却装置 patent, CN-101257837-A: 用于内窥镜的一次性帽 patent, CN-101257933-A: 组织再生用基材 patent, CN-101258071-A: 用于产生流体动力的元件 patent, CN-101258114-A: Method to produce durable non-vitrified fly ash bricks and blocks patent, CN-101258782-A: 放电灯驱动控制电路 patent, CN-101258890-A: 一种枸杞叶保健茶及其制备方法 patent, CN-101259141-A: 一种复方海藻酸咀嚼片及其制备方法 patent, CN-101259244-A: Huameiwan for treating chronic pharyngitis patent, CN-101259378-A: 废油的振动膜微过滤 patent, CN-101259993-A: 多效能粉料组成物及聚合体结构 patent, CN-101260182-A: 生产具有宽应用范围的形状记忆模塑制品的方法 patent, CN-101260938-A: Automobile electric control mechanical type automatic speed variator hydraulic system and its control method patent, CN-101261110-A: Method for accurately aligning concentricity of hole and rod using surveying pin patent, CN-101261368-A: 用于三维图像的光学片及使用光学片的三维图像显示器件 patent, CN-101262303-A: A novel measuring device for error code rate patent, CN-101262382-A: A data collection system for automatic monitoring in network environment patent, CN-101262731-A: 荧光管驱动方法和装置 patent, CN-101263385-A: Gas analysis method patent, CN-101264714-A: Building surface paint drawing technique patent, CN-101264767-A: Steel rail fracture vehicle-carrying non-contact fast monitoring technique patent, CN-101265895-A: 线性压缩机 patent, CN-101266259-A: Silicon micro-resonance type accelerometer patent, CN-101266407-A: Radiation sensitive composition for forming staining layer patent, CN-101266741-A: Driver and display method using the same patent, CN-101266877-A: Lighter for spark coil patent, CN-101267441-A: A realization method and platform for C/S and B/S mixed architecture mode patent, CN-101267509-A: 一种蓝牙电视接收装置及方法 patent, CN-101267986-A: 2387354t engine assembly comprising an engine and a suspension pylon for such an engine patent, CN-101268560-A: Nitride based semiconductor light emitting element and its fabrication process patent, CN-101269748-A: 传送装置 patent, CN-101270568-A: 用于解决大梁缝地段的轨道桥接轨道板技术 patent, CN-101270741-A: Reciprocating compressor stepless gas amount regulating system used for explosive gas area patent, CN-101271501-A: 数字媒体文件的加解密方法及装置 patent, CN-101272146-A: Analog-to-digital converter patent, CN-101272665-A: Portable electronic device and its production method patent, CN-101273473-A: 发射辐射的器件以及用于制造发射辐射的器件的方法 patent, CN-101274094-A: Gubao tablets and technique for producing and preparing the same patent, CN-101274831-A: 碳纳米管纤维水泥基材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-101274844-A: Preparation for ferroelectric-ferromagnetic composite nano-fiber patent, CN-101275623-A: Transmission for vehicles patent, CN-101276319-A: Equipment and method for making USB interface to time-sharing apply as standard I /O interface patent, CN-101276509-A: 一种实现遥控器控制设备的方法及系统 patent, CN-101276556-A: Drive circuit and drive method for LED as well as LED device patent, CN-101277216-A: 多数个网络装置的管理与设定方法 patent, CN-101277304-A: 基于规则的Web服务运行环境管理系统及管理方法 patent, CN-101277534-A: Shared communication capabilities of mobile stations for high bandwidth communications patent, CN-101279321-A: Granular material optical color sorter patent, CN-101279774-A: Gas water separation device for fish cultivating circulating system patent, CN-101280321-A: 生物产氢的生产工艺 patent, CN-101280474-A: Method for preparing silicone carbide fibre by thermochemical crosslinking and crosslinking apparatus therefor patent, CN-101280495-A: Embroidery device and mechanical embroidery method patent, CN-101280587-A: Laminated slab patent, CN-101281340-A: 全光模数转换器namsx并行量化编码方法 patent, CN-101282784-A: 水热稳定的微孔分子筛催化剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-101283155-A: Residual magnetic devices and methods patent, CN-101283307-A: 用于电子招牌的拼接显示器 patent, CN-101284472-A: 能在纸上书写的手机手写笔 patent, CN-101285233-A: Spindle weaving machine for weaving wave belt patent, CN-101285392-A: 锚杆预应力控制自锁锁具 patent, CN-101285398-A: 空气压力发动机 patent, CN-101285663-A: Multi-path clamping type heat radiator patent, CN-101286329-A: Optical disc device and reproduction method patent, CN-101287536-A: 聚电解质涂布的离子交换颗粒 patent, CN-101288455-A: 一种粉条的制备方法 patent, CN-101288684-A: 一种烧烫伤药 patent, CN-101288778-A: 多孔细菌纤维素海绵的制备方法 patent, CN-101289142-A: 一种将切碎秸秆、切碎的小木片(松散纤维物料)用气力输送入仓的方法 patent, CN-101289546-A: Pearl cotton plates with high compressive strength and high thickness and preparation thereof patent, CN-101291676-A: Treatment of the symptoms of bladder irritation patent, CN-101293078-A: Intelligence benefiting calcium for children patent, CN-101293558-A: Bicycle pedal step-up gear patent, CN-101294549-A: 风力涡轮机 patent, CN-101294750-A: 反馈式振荡射流制冷机 patent, CN-101295297-A: Phonological and calligraphical communication code Chinese character coding scheme patent, CN-101295983-A: Double-sampling full-difference sampling-hold circuit patent, CN-101296535-A: 高频发射装置的控制方法 patent, CN-101297058-A: Engine starter patent, CN-101298244-A: 液压式天然气汽车加气子站 patent, CN-101298484-A: Catalysts for olefin polymerisation patent, CN-101298790-A: Rubber water stop U anchor construction method patent, CN-101298923-A: High-frequency electromagnetic wave heating device patent, CN-101299818-A: N level sub-pixel search method and apparatus based on whole pixel searching result patent, CN-101300095-A: High porosity metal biporous foam patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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